Flag Pond’s Beach!

I was feeling adventurous and wanted to head to the beach on Monday. Norah and Ana were happy to oblige, especially after I read about a neat beach about an hour outside of DC on KidFriendlyDC

We hit the road about 9 am with our cooler, jogging stroller, and some beach toys. We were so excited! Norah kept saying, “Beach! Sand! Waves!” the whole ride there and was in a great mood. 

Once we parked and walked to the boardwalk (about 0.5 miles away, with a jogging stroller and a rolling cooler-no easy feat given all the recent rain!) we were greeted by this:

Expansive, picturesque sand dunes with driftwood and tidal pools. So pretty!! Worth the walk! And huge props to Ana for lugging our huge bag and cooler while I got the more manageable stroller and chairs.

We immediately set up camp and hit the water. Norah did great sitting right on the edge and making “castles” with her beach toys.

Eventually Norah was enticed to get into the water, and she ran right in! We did a lot of splashing and jumping in the water. It was perfect: about 12 inches deep and really clear! Norah loved looking for Minnows. 

  Then it was time for a picnic lunch and we dug into our sandwiches, chips and blueberries. And I learned that Ana doesn’t like soda, not even Diet Dr. Pepper. What?!? How are we even friends?!?

Then it was back to the water, where Norah put on her life jacket and ran into the deeper water and floated on her back for awhile. We searched for some seashells for Mike and Oma and we found a fossil! The beach is known for it’s fossils and shark’s teeth. 

As we packed up Norah modeled Ana’s hat:

We drove home during Norah’s nap and then an epic afternoon of cleaning commenced. We did tons of laundry, vacuumed and mopped the floors, and cleaned the bathrooms, all before dinner! 

With such a busy day yesterday, we took it easy this morning. I laid out clothes and began packing for our Lake Cumberland trip later this month while Norah played with trains.

We also discovered a scary metallic green spider on our deck chairs. Eek!



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