Celebrating Oma at the Imagination Stage

Saturday was a soggy, rainy day, but that’s ok! We had plans to see Oma! Oma’s Mother’s Day present from us was a morning spent together at a show and brunch. We absolutely love going to the “theater” with Norah at the Imagination Stage in Bethesda. They have awesome shows for little ones that are so simple but so full of creativity! The shows change every few months, and this month’s show was called Aquarium

My mom met us at home and we had no trouble finding the the theater and parking in the free garage, even with all of the rain! We picked up our tickets from Will Call then went inside to wait for the doors to open. 

Norah had fun running up and down the hallway, and exploring the canoe. (Theater-goers are encouraged to take a picture inside the canoe, but Norah would not oblige.)


Waiting for the show to start!

The play itself was wonderful! I thought the show would be about fish and aquarium creatures, but it was actually about a marooned sailor and his friend who were traveling together to find the island of Aquarium. They ran into characters along the way (with some help from audience volunteers!) and all the kiddos had a great time going on the adventure. There was a lot of opportunity for the children to get up and participate and it was so fun to watch Norah engage on the stage. She has not been as adventurous in previous shows at the Imagination Stage; I’ve loved watching her confidence grow! She jumped right up and joined the actors when asked, which is a big difference from when she would clutch my legs and refuse to  move! If we lived closer, I would love to enroll her in some of their summer camps, I bet they are great for building children’s confidence! 

After the show ended (it was about an hour), we headed to brunch! We went to Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church. While the company was great and the food decent, the service was so crummy! We’ve had similar experiences the last couple of times we’ve been there, which is unfortunate. We’d like to support local businesses, but it’s safe to say that we won’t be back anytime soon. 

After brunch, Oma headed home and Norah and I did the only respectable thing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon: take a long nap! We both caught some zzzz’s then we read some new library books. The sky finally cleared and we took a really long walk. By the time we got home, Michael was finally done with work! We celebrated with an impromptu picnic via the Whole Foods hot food bar and cheese selection and watched some HGTV. Pretty perfect little Saturday! 



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