Summer Break, Week 1!

Summer fun is in full swing around these parts. We began the first day of summer with relaxing, doing chores around the house and running errands to Target and Harris Teeter. We made a really easy chilled tomato-cantelope soup, and Norah had a lot of fun crumbling prosciutto and pushing the buttons on the blender. She also ate about three bowls of the soup for dinner, which blew my mind.

Tuesday morning, we had plans to see a show at the Children’s Theatre in the Woods at Wolf Trap. We met some friends for a concert by the Pop-Ups. It was hot. Like, h-o-t-t hot, but Norah loved it. She was entranced by the props and music. I think we’re going to need to break down and buy some “kid’s” music for her to sing along to in the car and at home-she loved it!

Check out those hot babies!

In other news, Annabelle got a bath on Tuesday! She was very overdue for a grooming appointment and she came home looking very spunky. This was the best picture I could get of her haircut, it’s too bad that you can’t see her sweet new bandana!


On Wednesday morning, we had plans for a Ladybug play date! Each Ladybug is hosting a play date at their house every Wednesday and this week we got to go to Molly and Owen’s house. Kim put out the sprinkler and kiddie pool and the babies had a blast! I forgot to take any pictures, so you’ll have to trust me when I say there were a ton of adorable toddlers running around. It was so nice to relax on the deck with other moms too! 

Thursday morning was another hot day so Norah and I decided to spend it indoors with Oma at the new Children’s Science Lab

We met at the Fair Oaks Mall and Norah had a great time exploring all of the gears, lights, animals, blocks and more! 

Afterwards, we went to lunch with Oma before heading home for nap time. 

Friday was another relaxing morning. We met friends at the library to check out some new books and then we went to Lost Dog Cafe for lunch! We are home now for Norah’s nap, but this afternoon we’re going to an ice cream social in our neighborhood and we are very excited to get to meet some moms and toddlers in our neighborhood! 

I’ve managed to nap every day during Norah’s naps, so I would say it has been a very successful first week of summer!

(Annabelle makes the best napping buddy, ever.)


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