Summer is here!

It is officially summer! The last day of school at The River School was on Thursday, and then I had a teacher work day on Friday.  But now it’s the first official Monday of summer, which means that Norah and I are hanging out and relaxing!

Check out these pictures from Norah’s first day of “school” in the Ladybugs this year:

IMG_3548 IMG_3547

And Norah with her sweet teachers:


And then this picture from Thursday!  Someone has gotten so big!


We’ve already had a busy couple of days.  We went to a baseball game on Friday, hosted an engagement brunch for Ana on Saturday, then spent Sunday, Father’s Day on the lake!  Mike’s request for Father’s Day was a day on the water, which sounded perfect to us! We drove down to our boat and had a fun-filled sunny day just the three of us.  All of this lead to a tired baby, so Norah is now taking an epic nap while I clean up and get organized from the whirlwind weekend. Once she wakes up, it’s off to the grocery store so that we can pick up fixing’s for some fun BBQ dinner food!

I am so happy that summer is here so that we can play, recharge and have fun!


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