Popsicle Friday!

Spring is here! It reached into the 90s this week here in DC, and even though yesterday and today were cooler in the 70s, the Ladybug teachers declared Fridays to be “Popsicle Fridays” for the rest of the school year. The toddler moms all chose a Friday to bring Popsicles, and today was our day! 

Yesterday after school, Norah and I stopped at the grocery store for pears and avocados. 


I know the photos are a little blurry, but she’s so proud of herself! I let Norah push the kiddie cart when the store isn’t too busy and she LOVES it!

Once we were home we put the avocado and pear in the food processor according to this recipe: Pear Avocado Baby Pops 

I stumbled upon the recipe last year when Norah was dairy and soy free and we were looking for some relief from teething. Check out this pic from March 2014!

Norah was very excited to watch the food processor pulse and mix up the pears into the avocados. 

Then we put the mix into Popsicle molds and Norah has a very important job: putting the sticks into the molds!


After they froze overnight, Norah brought them into school and the Ladybugs got to enjoy them for snack today. 

I’d say they were a success!


I love the idea of Popsicle Fridau, and I hope to try the following recipes this summer:

Roasted Corn Pops

Blueberry Kefir Popsicles 


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