Mother’s Day Weekend 2015

I have had quite the wonderful weekend over here.  Mike and Norah went above and beyond to make me feel special for Mother’s Day and I know I’ll remember this weekend for a long time!

Saturday morning began with a fun bootcamp class at the gym, and when I came home, Mike told me that he and Norah would run errands together (giving me the whole house to myself for the morning!!!!!)  I had an amazingly low-key morning.  I did a bunch of laundry, took the dog for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, and putzed around the kitchen.  I also took a ridiculously long shower, haha!  Just the other day, I was lamenting to Mike about our “old” life and wishing that we could go back to being lazy, just for a day.  As in, not-being-accountable-for-another-human lazy.  Neither of us miss going out all the time or having epic party weekends, but I sure do miss the days where we would lay on the couch all day and have a Mad Men binge-fest. I decided to take advantage of the time alone to have a trashy-tv day! I rented a really bad movie on AppleTV, Behind The Lights, and it was glorious.  It felt so sinful to laze about at 11 am on a Saturday and just watch crummy TV.  (And, I realized my definition of lazy has dramatically changed.  I did more before 9:45 am on Saturday than I used to do in a whole weekend!)

Mike and Norah came home and we ate lunch before Norah went down for her nap.  While Norah napped, Mike did yard work and washed the cars while I did the grocery shopping.  Then Norah and I went to her friend’s 2nd birthday party in DC, which was a blast.  We made it home in time for dinner on the grill with Mike (brats, peppers and sweet potatoes) and playing in the yard in our diapers.


On Mother’s Day morning, Mike planned a family hike! We woke up bright and early to head to River Bend Park, my favorite hidden gem in the DC area.  We did an easy hike along the water and loved watching the mist rise on the water in the early morning.  We saw herons, ducks, centipedes, millipedes and even some poison ivy 🙂  After we came home, we quickly showered and got ready to meet my mom!  Now that my parents are in the area, we are able to hang out any time we want to!  I haven’t spent Mother’s Day with my mom since I was 18, so today was an amazing day.  My mom came over and we all went to brunch together at The Lighthorse in Old Town.

IMG_4774 IMG_4777

We dove into some appetizers and rose wine, then Oma and I got to open presents!  Mike surprised us with pedicures and a beautiful picture for my office at work.  Plus, a super cute coffee mug. Norah got Oma three tickets to the next play on the Imagination Stage and high tea for everyone after the show.  My mom and I had the crab frittata and Mike enjoyed the biscuits and gravy.

After brunch, my mom and I headed out for our pedicures.  It was so fun to just chat all afternoon!  Then, my mom went home to Haymarket, and the three of us played in the yard before a big rain storm!  We managed to dust off the old tricycle before the drops began to fall.


Once we were inside, we tucked into some cheese and wine from Trader Joe’s.  May 10th marks the anniversary of our first date (back in 2002!), and Mike and I always like to do a little something.  When Mike proposed to me on April 29, 2007, he did so over a romantic dinner of Red Hot and Blue BBQ take out and Trader Joe’s wine and cheese.  We decided to commemorate our engagement anniversary and dating anniversary on the same night this year.  We ate cheese and drank wine from Trader Joe’s for awhile as the rain fell, and then we decided that no one really felt like BBQ. Norah happily ate her weight in crackers and cheese for her dinner, and then she earned her keep by sweeping the floors.


Mike normally puts Norah to bed, but he let me do so tonight so that I could get in some quality snuggles.  After our normal routine of PJs, brush teeth and books, I read Norah a poem.  This poem became an internet sensation around the time that Norah was about 4 months old. I can never get through it without bawling like a baby, and tonight was no exception.

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family.  Days like Mother’s Day are special because they are an excuse to slow down and count your blessings.  Spending the day with my mom and my daughter was incredible, and I feel so lucky to have a husband to go above and beyond to make this day wonderful.  I love you, Mike.


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