Derby Day 2015!

The first Saturday in May is quite the sacred holiday in the Wittman house…it’s Derby Day!


We host a Derby party every year and this year was no exception.  We were so excited to get to use our lawn for lawn games and that we would have a house for everyone to spread out in.  We prayed all week for good weather, and when Saturday morning dawned 70 and sunny we couldn’t have been happier!


Mike had the house looking great after weeks of yard work, and we set up croquet, bocce, washers and a bean bag toss.  In the backyard we had the fire pit ready to go for when it got dark!


Norah and I made quite the spread…we had tons of Derby-inspired food, including Benedictine Spread, hot brown sandwiches, Derby pie, bourbon balls, pimento toasts and smoked salmon spread.


At 2 pm, guests started arriving, and we quickly had a full house! Lots of family and friends filled our lawn and house and we were so excited that we had such a turn out.  The food quickly disappeared as everyone congregated on the lawn and in the playroom.  (It was our first year hosting with a bunch of Norah’s friends in addition to our own, and let me just say, the babies made the party!)


6:32 pm rolled along and we all gathered to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports.  American Pharaoh won and the Lesko-Ringenbachs swept the betting pools.  After the babies went to bed, we fired up the fire pit and turned on the lawn lights for some late-night bean bag toss and beer pong.  It was the perfect party, and we’re already looking forward to next year!

IMG_4656 IMG_4651


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