Mexico for Spring Break!

We just returned from an amazing 10 days in Puerto Vallarta.  Mike’s parents hosted a birthday bash for their 65th birthdays and the entire Wittman-Oliver-Hamlyn clan descended upon paradise.  This trip was 13 months in the making and it was every bit of fun as we imagined it would be!

After two long flights from DC to Dallas and then to PV, we finally arrived at Casa Macumba!

IMG_4148  IMG_0423

We had 10 days together and each day was better than the previous one in terms of sun, warmth and relaxation. We spent our mornings at the beach, making sandcastles and splashing in the waves.

150323_65th Birthday Bash-Hamlyn_343 150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_379 150320_65th Birthday Bash_092 150320_65th Birthday Bash_205

And our afternoons at the pool having epic cannon ball and diving contests.

150320_65th Birthday Bash_038 150320_65th Birthday Bash_276 150323_65th Birthday Bash-Hamlyn_187

During Norah and Kenzie’s afternoon naps, we would boogie board and walk on the beach, and play volleyball and badminton.

150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_570 150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_075 150320_65th Birthday Bash_171

We took family pictures on the beach:

150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_243 150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_219 150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_212 150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_110

And took breaks from the sun by playing ping pong, relaxing in hammocks and reading with the cousins.

150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_583 150323_65th Birthday Bash-Hamlyn_266

150320_65th Birthday Bash_200

Casa Macumba came with a chef and assistant chef, and we were spoiled each day with lunch poolside and a formal sit-down meal each night for dinner.  We quickly got used to our daily margarita and guacamole fixes!

150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_058 150320_65th Birthday Bash_196

We watched the sunset every night before playing games and doing puzzles in the evening.

150320_65th Birthday Bash_Oliver_402 150320_65th Birthday Bash_197 150320_65th Birthday Bash_059

150320_65th Birthday Bash_119 150320_65th Birthday Bash_154

Before we knew it, it was time to fly back east and our perfect spring break was over!


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