Spring, is that you?

Warm weather is here! Well, sort of. It has been relatively sunny and most of the snow has melted…we’ll take it!

We’ve had a really fun weekend getting ready for spring and dreaming of warm weather. Thursday afternoon was bright, sunny and warm, so I decided that we should hit up Clare and Don’s for dinner on their patio. Let’s just say we were pretty over-zealous, because by the time dinner time rolled around it was about 50 degrees. We were the only ones brave (read: stupid) enough to sit outside, so we at least had the heat lamp all to ourselves! Norah was ready to warm up in the tub: 

By Friday, it was cold and rainy again so we ate split pea soup for dinner and had a quiet evening in. We spent much of Saturday at home getting ready for our big trip! We are going to Mexico for spring break and we. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited. Norah was pumped to try out some of her warm weather gear:

It was a rainy Saturday, so we spent the bulk of it indoors, and a highlight was having Mike and Ana over to watch Notre Dame win the ACC tournament!

Sunday we decided to run some last minute errands for our trip and Mike figured that we should take some time to walk around Home Depot. Now that the weather is finally shaping up, we are really excited to get to work in our yard! We had a lot of fun looking at various lawn furniture, plants and bird feeders while planning out our lawn plan of attack. 

Once we were home and N went down for her nap, Mike and I headed outside. He washed the cars and raked the leaves while I trimmed the bushes and cleaned up the yard. We can’t wait for the yard to be cleaned up enough for us to do some light landscaping. And-the owners have a little garden plot that I can’t wait to plant in. I’m thinking some squash and lettuce for my first foray into growing food…. We were so happy to finally be out in the warm sun that as soon as Norah woke up, we loaded her into her stroller and hit the trail! We decided to walk for about a mile to an ice cream shop for a fun afternoon snack, but we quickly realized that it’s still a bit too cold and windy (despite the sun) for ice cream. We hit the store and then just turned around and walked back home. Now Mike is going to spread some fertilizer while N and I make Shepard’s Pie for dinner! Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day week! 

We are going to try to spend a bit more time outside this evening before watching a movie on the couch. Happy almost-spring everyone!


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