Icy Two Hour Delay!

Monday morning was crazy icy! Once again I woke up early and did chores around the house before heading out to the gym. The roads were awful! If I had had any idea that they were bad outside of my neighborhood, I would have stayed home. But alas, I made it to the gym and was the only one (besides the instructor!) in my spin class! Talk about a private session! As I was setting up my bike, I got a text that school was on a two-hour delay, and felt pretty foolish for heading out in the bad weather. But, I had a great workout! I then headed (cautiously) home and was able to get ready for work at a leisurely rate. I love working out in the morning, but I hate having to rush around afterwards to get to work on time. After I got ready, I drank my coffee and watched the Today show with Mike (the federal government was on a 2-hour delay, too!) before we woke up Norah. We got Norah up at 8:15 and all had breakfast together before we headed out the door at 9. By this time, it was close to 40 degrees and the roads were fine! Crazy the difference that a couple of hours can make. While a snow day is the best, there is something awesome about a two-hour delay! 

We had a wonderful, low-key weekend. (Actually, as I’m typing that, I am remembering how productive we were with housework…)

On Saturday, I had an early gym workout, then Norah and I headed out to run some errands! We went to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods before heading to a friend’s house for a Stella and Dot party. (It was so cold on Saturday that the frozen groceries were still frozen when we got home, even after sitting in the car for two hours!) It was really fun to see co-workers outside of work and have a relaxing lunch with girlfriends. (And Norah loved her first jewelry party!)

While Norah took her nap, I did some food prep for the week, like chopping veggies, then Mike and I tackled some House of Cards episodes. (Love Netflix!)

On Sunday, I did some work at school, then we had lunch with Tom and Rachel and Kenzie. Once they left our house, the weather turned sour. It became very cold and wet, and we hunkered down at home! We did a ton of cleaning and I made a roast chicken dinner, with the help of the cutest sous chef ever:

Norah loved drying the veggies then putting them in a bowl for me! A hearty chicken was the perfect dinner on such a crummy weather day! 

Before we made dinner, Norah and I had a very serious task to attend to: Monday’s Ladybug snack! I bought some watermelon at Trader Joe’s and decided to make muffins to go with it, and Norah had a blast! 

She is obsessed with her Ladybug friends and teachers and laughed non-stop talking about them. (Look at that face, I die.) 

We went to bed nice and early, and the delay on Monday was a nice surprise. 

We are currently home today because Norah is home sick with a stomach bug. Well, we are home now. Norah decided that the best place for the stomach bug to hit would be right as we’re crossing the Key Bridge. With the traffic and one-way streets, it took almost 30 minutes to turn around and get going back home; equaling almost an hour for Norah to be sick and covered in her car seat in the backseat. Poor Norah threw up 5 times between the bridge and home (the fifth and final time just adding insult to injury…we were already home and sitting in the driveway. I was like, “Really, God? You couldn’t let us get inside?”) I’ve delayed going to clean the car long enough, I think it’s time that I go take care of things now that she’s sleeping.  Think good thoughts that she feels better soon! We have big plans this weekend…Kenzie’s baptism! 


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