Miss Independent

Wow.  It’s been…what, 4 months since my last blog post? I believe the last time we chatted was in October.  And before then, I only had sporadic check ins, even after my valiant attempts to write more over the summer and to make time for blogging during the school year.

Well this morning I had quite the reality check.  My loving, sweet, easy-going newborn has turned into a spirited, verbose, and happy toddler.  Norah is 18 months old and not a minute goes by that she doesn’t state her opinion on something or demand that a whim be met.  She’s forever begging “more?” at the dinner table, “Annabelle play!” with the dog, and “singing, singing, singing!!!” from the second we get into the car.  You see, Norah HATES her car seat, and I began singing to her months ago in an effort to help her take her mind off of the car seat and to help her “enjoy the ride”, if you will.  But if you don’t know, toddlers are extreme creatures of habit, and once Norah began to expect songs in the car, then by God she was going to have songs in the car.  As her requests of “more singing please” turned into shrieks of “singing, singing, singing!!!!” I would sing the entire commute to and from work until I was hoarse.  The worst part is that she was not pacified by any old song on the radio.  If I tried to sing along to, say, Zac Brown Band or Dave Matthews, she would yell, “No!” and wave her arms until I stopped (the only exception being any Taylor Swift song…mama’s girl!)  So, every morning at 7:25 I would slowly drive myself insane as I sang “The Wheels on the Bus” for the millionth time.  I began to truly hate the car.  Not because I didn’t want to interact and engage with Norah (and trust me, her bopping along to music is the cutest thing in the world)…but because my voice hurt and I’m really sick of nursery rhymes.

Fast forward to today, when Norah spotted a toy as Michael is going to load her into the car seat.  He tells her that she can have it once she’s strapped in, and she is eagerly pacified because this toy is super fun.  It’s a toy remote with flashing lights and it plays songs every time a button is pushed.  Norah is thrilled to have a toy in the car, and I backed out of the driveway to *silence* instead of shrieks for singing.

We drive all the way to the Chain Bridge, and I’m so pumped the entire way.  I slowly start to turn up my talk radio louder and louder as we go and I can’t quite believe that I’m “getting away” with driving without needing to entertain Norah.  I almost pat myself on the back for thinking of a good distraction tool for car times, and think to myself, “This is wonderful! She doesn’t need me anymore in the car!”

And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My little baby, who it seems it was only seconds ago used to rely completely on her momma for food, comfort, and warmth, and now she was happily entertaining herself in the car by herself thank.you.very.much.  Norah not only didn’t need me this morning…she didn’t even want my singing!  My heart caught in my throat as I thought of all of the other “doesn’t need me” milestones in her life, like putting herself back to sleep after a bad dream, or walking by herself to her kindergarten classroom.  The next thing you know, I’m envisioning her asking me to drop her off at the mall from around the corner and taking her to college her freshmen year.  I spent a few quiet minutes in the garage at work sniffling and snuggling with (a very confused) Norah thinking about how fast these 18 months have gone.  I am so proud and thrilled about the learning she’s done and the growth and strides that she’s made in the last few months…but man, can time slow down?!?!

I don’t want to forget the little things from this time, as each phase of our life as a family of 3 (4-sorry, Annabelle!) has been so different, fun, and unexpected from the one before.  I want to use this blog as a way to record big changes, as well as the little every day miracles.

They say that February 24th is on average the day that most people have dropped their New Year’s Resolutions.  But, better late than never, my 2015 resolution:  to blog more, 1-2 times a week.  No major posts (unless I feel like it!) but just enough to pop in, say hi, and discuss the every day, beautiful and ever-changing ways that our Little Miss is coming into her own.  Our little Miss Independent.



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