12 Months!

Norah, August 9, 2013:

IMG_1692   IMG_1684


Norah, August 9, 2014:

IMG_0087  IMG_0089


It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since Norah Grace entered our lives!  She’s been surprising us since day 1 (with a due date of August 21 and a scheduled c-section date of August 13, arriving on August 9 threw us for a loop!), and she never fails to put a smile on our faces. Every one who meets her comments on how happy she is and she rolls with the punches so easily.  That’s not to say that we haven’t had some crazy hard nights and days in the last year, but we are so lucky to have such a happy, easy going girl.


There have been some big milestones in her development since our 11-month update, and they’ve mostly been related to Mike and I!  I started weaning Norah at the 11-month mark, and she was fully weaned by her 1st birthday.  We had a celebratory nursing session the morning of her birthday and that was that!  I still pumped for a day or two to help my body adjust but now we’re all done with that! It was a huge emotional milestone for me, and was something that I dreaded for weeks (“Will she be ok without nursing? Will she adjust to cow’s milk?  Will she be able to be soothed without her mother?!?”) and of course my fears were unfounded.  Norah did great switching from nursing to bottle-feeding until her first birthday.  Once her first birthday hit, we transitioned her from bottles to straw cups (no sippy cups here!) and she drinks a cup of cow’s milk and water with every meal and snack, and she will take some milk after her afternoon nap and before bedtime.  I’ve also discovered that I LOVE not living my life in three hour increments based around when Norah will need to nurse next.  There are some benefits to growing up!


On the eating front, Norah is getting much better with chewing her food, so we’re becoming more comfortable giving her larger bites of food.  And breaking news…she’s using a spoon to feed herself consistently! We’ve always pre-loaded spoons for her to feed herself hummus or yogurt, but daycare has started putting her food in bowls and handing her spoons, and they report that she is able to feed herself!  We’ve not noticed that as much at home, but I’m excited that she’s doing so well at daycare.  Speaking of which…I’m back at work for the school year, so Norah is back at her old stomping grounds in the Ladybug class at school.  Now she’s officially one of the “big” kids, and it’s crazy to think of how far she’s come.  In the mornings, I’ve taken to sitting her down at the breakfast table, and walking out!  Last year, it was a big production where I would change her diaper, nurse her, get her breakfast warmed up, then give her teachers detailed instructions for the day.  It’s definitely a little bittersweet seeing her settle into her day so quickly, but I’m trying to roll with it!


Mike and I also had a big milestone in that we left her with her grandparents to go to Maine.  Again, leading up to the trip I was a nervous wreck worried about whether or not Norah would be ok (“Will she drink cow’s milk? Will she be too much of a handful for Oma and Grandpa? Will she cry every minute of every day missing me?”)  Once we kissed Norah good bye at the airport, Mike and I found that we had a great trip, and we didn’t even miss, or think, about Norah all that often!  It was so good to get away the two of us, and Norah (and Annabelle!) had a great time with Amanda’s parents.

IMG_3527 IMG_3528 IMG_3531

Norah still isn’t walking yet, but she is getting more comfortable with cruising around the edges of furniture and she has a little walking push-toy that she loves pushing around our house.  She’s still wearing her little “baby” shoes with soft bottoms, but we just bought her a pair of real shoes to use once she is actually walking/running around!



She is still a social butterfly and a chatterbox, and her vocabulary is growing every day!  The other day for the first ND game, Mike taught her to say, “Irish!” and she will point to ducks and say “Quack quack”.  Her favorite word is still “more” and she consistently says, “dada”, “hi”, “mama”, “doggie”, and “Norah”.  Every morning, Mike will walk her to the light switch to turn on the light in her nursery, and she will always point to a picture we have hanging above the light switch and say, “Nona, Nona!”  It’s pretty cute.  No new teeth, but she appears to have her fist in her mouth at all times, so I think her one-year molars must be coming in soon.

She’s still a champ in the sleeping department, and daycare has started to transition her from two daily naps (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to one afternoon nap.  There are some days that she does really well, and other days where she will fall asleep in the stroller at daycare or in the car on the way home. She has also transitioned from sleeping in a crib at daycare to sleeping on a mat on the ground 😦  When did our baby get so big!?!

We love our little Norah Grace so much and we can’t believe how quickly and completely she has captured our hearts and entered our family so seamlessly.  I love looking at the pictures below to see how much she’s grown and how far we’ve come!

oneday 1month 2months 3months 4months 5months 6months 7montsh 8months 9months 10months 11months 12months


What a wonderful year!



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