Life Lately


Happy almost end of July! A coworker asked me yesterday if I’ve enjoyed the first half of the summer, and my first thought was, “Only half of the summer has passed? Yes!” I feel like our summer has been a constant whirlwind between the Oliver east coast trip, our KY Houseboat adventure and my mom’s trip to DC. We were able to spend last week slowly catching up with things (like laundry and cleaning) but we also crossed some things off my summer to-do list.

(Norah tried to be helpful during our cleaning spree, but not so much…)

We’ve been loving lots of hiking lately, with and without Annabelle. Sometimes we take the Kelty hiking baby carrier and sometimes I just use the Ergo. We hiked around a park in N Arlington last week (the name of which escapes me) and this morning we went to River Bend Park (one of my all-time favorites and definitely DC’s best kept secret!)

After a hike up and down the river bank we had a picnic lunch on the deck. (And N’s booster even fits into an adirondack!)



We enjoyed another Mommy and Me matinee yesterday morning at the Mosaic district and saw Magic in the Moonlight. I’ve never really been a Woody Allen fan, but it was fun to get out to a movie nonetheless!!

We’ve also been to lunches with friends and book time at the local library, which was super fun. Norah showed all the other babies how to most effectively pull all the books off of a shelf…


Mike and I have been enjoying summer as well! We went to an O.A.R. Concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion (which was his birthday present from me back in April), and last weekend I hung out with Katie and Caitlin on their roof deck to list to Jason Aldean and FGL play at Nats Stadium. (I don’t know who was more embarrassed by my belting along of every word of every country song-me or them!)


This morning we had a follow-up appointment with the ENT to check on the fluid in Norah’s ears that was persistent for much of the spring. Good news: the fluid is gone, hooray! And we can stop administering the Zyrtec (given to decrease inflammation in her ears and drain the fluid away), yay!!
Bad News: the doc wants me to continue to hold off on giving Norah dairy until she can get another hearing test administered to compare to the one we did in June. In June, she showed a mild (20-30 dB) loss in both ears, which we all attributed to the present fluid. Now that the fluid is gone, the ENT would like a second hearing assessment done to make sure that her loss was secondary to the fluid and that nothing else is going on. Because we all know that dairy increases congestion, so the thought process is that if Norah were to start eating dairy, her congestion would increase, which could cause a mild hearing loss…so we’d be worrying ourselves over something small. (Which, I get, totally. But c’mon…does he have any idea how hard it is to wrangle a baby into a sound booth? And how long it takes? And how I really, really don’t want to go to our pediatrician for another referral? And how I just want to give her dairy already?!?!?!) Gah. Oh well. Everyone is being cautious, and I so appreciate it, I do. So, we’ll just focus on the positive and celebrate that there’s no more fluid!!


I hear Little Miss has woken up from her nap, so I’m off. Here’s to the second half of summer!!


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