Norah’s 11 Months!








“Who’s 11 months old?  Me? No way!”  

Time flies when you’re having fun.  I can’t believe Norah is already 11 months old (technically 11 1/2 months old…we took some of her 11 month pictures right on July 9th while we were at The Lake, and we took her “official” 11 month pictures last night now that we’re back in VA).  It’s a little bittersweet even typing this update, because we only have one update left!  (You all might have to indulge me and let me do monthly updates for awhile longer, just so I won’t have to admit that the infant stage is over. Let me know if 17 month or 38 month updates would get redundant, mmmkay?)

Just a quick recap of how Norah’s growing and changing:


She is a social butterfly and a ham.  Every time we pull out the camera or phone she starts pointing or clapping or smiling.  She loves being “silly” and will just start guffawing or yelling to get a reaction.  We’ll be having a nice, calm dinner and then all of a sudden we hear a “haha!”, and Norah is sticking her tongue out, smiling and laughing at us.  She thinks she is quite hilarious.  She is trying really hard to blow raspberries (still!) but getting better and better every day.  Her vocabulary and communication attempts have grown so much.  All day long, she points at things/people and says, “at?” (“What’s that?”) until we label whatever it is she’s pointing at.  It’s pretty cute, but sometimes we don’t know what she’s pointing at. It seems like all I do is say, “What’s that? That’s a picture. Oh that.  That’s a candle.  That’s a bowl.  Ohhh, that!  That’s a mirror!”  She still says “mm” for “more” during meal times, and we’re trying to get her to distinguish between saying “more” for more food or “wawa” or “water” for more water.  She loves raising her hands in the air to show us “all done!” and she still signs “milk” when she wants to nurse.  Norah has gotten really good at waving and saying “Hi!” whenever she wants to say hello (sometimes in socially awkward situations…like church or the metro.  It’ll be really quiet and everyone’s minding their own business and she starts waving her arms frantically and calling out “hiiiiiiiii!” until someone acknowledges her and waves back.  Super neat way to meet complete strangers on the street though…)  She chatters away to herself or her toys all day long, and she’s getting soooooooo close to labeling Mike “dada”.  When he walks into a room, she’ll say “hiiiii duhduhduhduh” and we think she’s trying to say “dada”.  One of these days a crisp, clear “mama!” will escape her lips when she sees me and I’ll die of happiness. Until then, she’s only motivated to say specific words while she’s eating 😉  She loves listening to music and clapping and “dancing” by shaking her arms or bouncing on her knees.  We sing a couple of songs all of the time to her, including one that starts with “Norah’s got a ____ on her head”.  She now requests this song All. Day. Long. by placing a sock, or whatever, on her head and holding it there until I sing “Norah’s got a sock on her head…”.  Super neat way to ingratiate yourself to strangers!  Norah has also begun to find her “voice”, ahem, if you consider being able to protest finding one’s voice.  She has taken to squealing really, really loudly, when she does not want to do something or if she is being ignored.  (Um, #firstbornproblems!  She is so used to being the center of attention.  Girl’s going to have her world rocked when her cousin is born in August….)  So if she wants you to sing her a song, she places an item on her head and squeals until you sing.  Or she’ll pick up her turtle that sings when you press the buttons and start pressing away.  If, per chance, you’ve turned the turtle off, she’ll squeal until you turn it back on so that the music will start again.  We’ve been pretty good at talking her through her squealing and working on patience (especially when we’re eating dinner or during diaper changes) but man, we’re going to need help during her terrible twos!  


She’s gotten really good at listening and responding to certain directions.  She stops when she hear “No”, “Stop” or “Norah!”, and she can do simple routine directions like, “Turn the light on!” or “Give me five” etc., but those are always prompted with a visual cue.   She has really gotten the hang of putting things into items (like blocks into a bucket) so she loves to “help” me clean up.  If we’re putting her books back on her bookshelf, I’ll hand her a book, say “Put it in!” and she’ll place the book back on the bookshelf.  She also loves to help me put laundry away.  If the drawer is open, I can give her a towel, or onesie, and she’ll throw it right in.  Now we just have to work on her folding skills…

The one major change from last month to now is her eating.  I remember everyone saying that with Baby Led Weaning, babies wouldn’t begin to get much of their nutrients from solid foods until 9-10 months (before then having much of their caloric needs met with formula or breastmilk), but I don’t think Norah made the switch to getting all of her nutrients from solid foods until right around the 11 month mark.  I think while we were at The Lake, she grew a peg leg.  Seriously, she puts away So. Much. Food. at every meal.  She’s eating half to more than half of what Mike and I put on our plate.  For example, the other night, she ate half of a hamburger patty, a red potato, all the corn off of the corn on the cob, a peach and about 20 blueberries.  What?!?!  She loves it all, and she’ll eat to her heart’s content.  Once she is full, she’ll throw her hands up (in an approximation of the ASL sign for “all done”) and try to take her bib off.  When she sees us set up the high chair she crawls over right away and starts yelling (or squealing) “mm! mm! mm!”.  I continue to be amazed by what she will eat and how easily she eats it.  Yesterday, we had spicy Thai chicken curry for dinner which she loved.  Then for lunch today at Bayou Bakery, she ate almost all of a bowl of gumbo (I was worried it would be a little too spicy for her to eat with her hands so I spoon fed her…which she did not like!  She likes to be in control during meal times!) But, basically, she will eat whatever is placed in front of her. Sometimes, she’ll go through food strikes (one week, refusing to eat anything red, even though she’d eaten all the food before.  I’m like, “C’mon girl, tomatoes and strawberries are in season right now!”) but if we keep offering her the food, she’ll eat if by the third or fourth exposure.  


She seems to be working on some serious teething again, as her hand is always in her mouth and she’s drooling a lot more.  She still has just the 6 (four on top and 2 on bottom) that I can tell, but I’m wondering if her one-year molars are coming in.  

Look at that…just a short and sweet update! Haha, sorry for the length, just excited to share about all of the changes happening around here.  Last thing to note: for the first time EVER, Norah’s wearing clothes that are technically too “big” for her chronological age. For about 4 months she was in Newborn clothes, then she wore 3 month clothes until 8 months of age, etc.  The other night, Mike and I realized that her 9 month old pajamas are getting too small for her so we bought her some new 12-month PJs, even thought, GASP, she’s not yet 12 months old!  Quite the milestone! I was so sad about how big my girl’s getting. However…did you know that once baby girls hit 12 months old, their pajamas are two-pieces?  (Don’t even get me started on baby girl bathing suits…)  Where did the adorable footy PJs go to?  I scoured Target and Carters and all I could find were two piece PJs for 12 month girls (but plenty of 9, 6 and 3 month footy PJs). I bought Norah some “boy” pajamas in size 12 months for the feet (and because she loves dinosaurs and cranes!) but I couldn’t resist one pair of two-piece PJs (I mean, they’re striped, and say “Bedtime makes me crabby” because there’s crabs all over them…c’mon!) 



Look at how big she’s gotten!  Pulling herself up onto everything, balancing at times, but no cruising or step-taking attempts yet.  I’m sure she’ll be walking any day now.  Tear.

IMG_0043 IMG_0046


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