The Lake 2014: Day 7

Saturday began bright and early with a 6 am wake up call. We wanted to get in some solid skiing on the calm lake before Norah woke up, so we convinced Geoff and Jen to be our spotters and get up with us. We loaded the boat the night before with our skis, towels and life jackets so all we had to do was put on suits and jump on the boat. Our alarm went off, we all jumped in (at the last minute Emma decided to join us with the promise of donuts at the dock) and then we realized we couldn’t ski yet…because the sun wasn’t up. The ski was light but the sun wasn’t up so we had to wait about 10 minutes. #earlyskifail

The water was AMAZING that early though so it made it worth it (it wasn’t even that cold to jump in!) We all got in some great runs, and Emma even tried slalom skiing for the first time. We skied for about an hour and a half and then headed to the dock for donuts, the paper, and to rent a paddle board! We saw on Friday that the dock rented paddle boards so I made it my mission to rent one and become a paddle boarding expert the next day. Well, we pull up to the dock around 7:30 eastern time, and found that the dock didn’t open until 8 am central…which meant we were 90 minutes too early!! #earlyskifail

All we learned about this was that waking up early to ski was a little overrated. But it was great water and we were back before N woke up, which was the whole point. And Mike went back to the dock with me later to rent a paddle board during N’s morning nap. (Thank goodness!)

The paddle board was awesome (don’t worry, lots of pictures were take of the venture, and of all the skiing in the morning, but my phone is full and I don’t have my computer to download pics to). We all took turns paddling around the cove, and of course, Emma and Thomas were the best at it.

We had delicious pork BBQ for dinner and chicken burgers for lunch, and Gerard discovered another bag of Cheez-it’s in the hold during our nightly game, so all is right in the world. (So far, we’ve learned how to play Nines, Oh Hell, and Dutch Rummy. Tonight it’s Hand and Foot.)


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