The Lake 2014: Days 4, 5, 6

Hello again! Time flies when you’re having fun at The Lake. (And blogging is hard with no wifi…). Ok! Here’s the re-cap:
Day 4: Wednesday July 9:
You know how some people refer to things “like riding a bike”? I was secretly nervous about skiing on Wednesday because it had been so long since I’d been. For a couple summers, Mike and I were down at our boat in Richmond every weekend so I got pretty good at slalom skiing and even tried wake boarding every now and then. But with the pregnancy last summer, it had been a long time since I had skied. (Mike, naturally, is awesome at all water-based sports. I knew he’d be fine on the water.) Well, it turns out, some things are like riding a bicycle. I had a great time doing two runs Wednesday morning with Gerard and Michael, and Michael looked awesome.
On Wednesday, we were dealing with our second long afternoon with Terry, our personal “mechanic” and his buddy John. The generator and inverter and fridge kept acting up on the rental, and instead of listening to Mark and Geoff and actually fixing what was broken, they spent a lot of time sitting on our deck and smoking cigarettes. The ladies got so frustrated with their behavior that we dubbed it “wine Wednesday” and opened up a couple of bottles on the Normandy to pass the time. We played an epic game of Pictionary (girls won, obvs) and had shrimp and corn courtesy of Geoff and Holly. It was also Norah’s 11-month on Wednesday! Here’s the pic:

We schlepped a white onesie and 11-month sticker to KY, but Mike put his foot down on bringing the rocker and teddy bear.

Day 5: Thursday, July 10:
Thursday was a beautiful day weather wise. It was another day where we didn’t do much of anything, besides spend the better part of our afternoon with our best bud Terry again. This time he came not once, but twice in one day!! The first time he replaced the inverter on the rental. Then he finally conceded that Mark and Gerard were right the whole time and that there was a problem with the inverter AND the fridge. So he left for the dock (a 25 minute ride in a run-about) and returned 2 hours later with a brand-new fridge for the rental strapped onto his little boat. He was very good-natured about the whole thing and had even taped a sticker on the fridge that said “Redneck cooler”, which was pretty funny. Once the new fridge was installed and the old one hauled away, we made tenderloin for dinner and played a new card game.

Day 6: Friday, July 11:
Today was so fun! Mike, Emma, Gerard and I spent awhile skiing and wakeboard ing this morning during Norah’s morning nap, and we all enjoyed the pretty (Hot, sunny) weather. After lunch, Gerard, Carolyn, Mike and Norah and I took Norah on her first boat ride and went to the dock. We walked around, looked at the ice cream, and Mike bought a Big Red soda (read: grossest drink ever). And, we discovered that they rent paddle boards! Totally happening tomorrow. Once we got back to the houseboat, we ate dinner (where Norah are three courses: an appetizer of hummus and mum mums, then turkey, green beans and rice , then a second helping of rice, broccoli and squash). Everyone has been so impressed with her eating: Baby Led Weaning for the win!

Tomorrow we are skiing, paddle boating and relaxing.


Also-check out this picture from 2003 that is on the fridge in the Normandy:



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