The Lake 2014: Day 3

Our first full day at The Lake was relaxing and refreshing…exactly what it should be! Our night last night was pretty rough though. The generator on the Normandy broke down on Sunday night, and despite the grandparent’s best efforts to fix it, the AC was still not working properly so everyone decided to bunk on the rental. All went well until 1:00 am last night when the generator on the rental went on the fritz. Jeff and Jennifer were up for two hours trying to restart it, but the generator never kicked back into gear. So it was hot and miserable and then freezing cold. So in the morning Jennifer put the following score:


In the morning, Norah helped stock the coolers while the grandparents headed to town to get parts for the generators.


After that it was time for the water! We had a blast, and look at that cool lily pad thing. Thomas even jumped off the houseboat roof about 17 times!




It started to storm in the afternoon, so we broke out the games, books, crosswords and swing.





We had one injury this afternoon; Jen was sitting on the rental and stepped on a fishing hook. Luckily, she’s a badass and merely requested a stiff drink from Carolyn while Mark took care of her foot. She’s feeling better now, but we’re all a little squeamish about the rental deck now.

Now it’s time to play Trivial Pursuit. We’re hoping to get in some good skiing and tubing time tomorrow… Wish us luck!


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