The Lake 2014: Day 1

We are attending the Annual Newton-Wittman-Hamlyn-Oliver Lake Trip this year for the first time in three years! Mike’s family and their close family friends travel to Lake Cumberland every summer to spend a week on the Newton’s house boat. They started going 28 (!) years ago, and the occupants of the house boat has grown so much over the years , with spouses and babies, that a second houseboat is rented. When everyone is able to come, there has been as many as 21 people on the boats together. Next year, we will have 25 people with all the babies that are due this year!! Mike and I haven’t been able to go due to our pregnancy last summer and traveling to Maria’s wedding in France the year before, so we are really excited to be getting back! I started going in the summer of 2003, and I can’t believe so many years have passed since my first trip.
We will be blogging nightly to update everyone on our activities. (Mainly so that the Hamlyns, Olivers, and Chicago Newtons know how much we miss them….they can’t make it this year. But also to give my coworkers an idea of our vacation. When I explained our summer plans to them, everyone seemed quite incredulous that we put so many people in such a small place and actually enjoy ourselves!!)

Today we woke up bright and early and headed west! We drove about 6 of our 10 hour trip today and had a nice day of driving. We introduced Norah to the best part of road tripping: fast food. She had her first McDonald’s today (plain hotcakes for breakfast) and had some fish fingers from Red Robin for lunch. We picked up some last minute supplies at Target (where we found a Coke bottle with the name Michael on it!) before arriving at our destination in Tennessee





Now Mike and I are enjoying our views of the golf course from our balcony with a bottle of wine while Norah sleeps inside the room. We’ll head out again tomorrow morning to meet everyone else at the dock!





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