East Coast Adventure Days 5, 6, 7 and 8!

We have had so much with the Olivers on their East Coast extravaganza!
Day 5 of their trip was on Wednesday, and the plan was to see the Air Force Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon Memorial, with a tour of the Pentagon in the afternoon. Since it was approximately 1056 degrees in DC on Wednesday, Norah and I opted to stay home. Norah caught up on some zzzz’s and I did some chores around the house. But Mike got to join them for lunch, and all said they had a great (albeit hot!) day. P.S. Major props to Rachel (haha, who’s a major, get it!) for being such an amazing tour guide and trooper during this weather while being 8 MONTHS PREGNANT!

On Thursday morning, Day 6, the Chicago Newtons arrived at Tom and Rachel’s!! Chris, Steph, Charlie and Andy arrived from Chicago after a 12-hour drive to spend the 4th with everyone. We had tickets to go to the top of the Washington Monument, and it was so cool to get to go up in it! Mike and I have lived here for 8 years, and it’s the first time we’ve been up in the top!
Then we all walked around the Mall and had a picnic lunch. We saw the WWII memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean and Vietnam Memorials before walking to the White House.




After lunch, the Newtons headed to the Air and Space Museum while everyone else metroed home. We were able to have a fun adult dinner out at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse with the 8 of us. Kailin was great, and babysat all six kids, including Norah at the last minute!! Norah was again a rock star. We put her in the pack and play at Tom and Rachel’s house and we put her to bed before heading out to the restaurant. Once we got back to their place, we rolled her into her car seat and she slept the whole way home. Then we placed her into crib at home…it was incredible! She slept through the whole thing, and we had so. Much. Fun. Going out to eat with everyone.

Friday morning, Day 7, was the 4th of July!! Everyone went to the Spy Museum in the morning, while Mike and Norah and I went to the Nats vs. Cubs game (our yearly tradition with our friends). After the game, Mike headed out to the Mall where everyone had staked out some space to watch the fireworks, and I went to Katie’s apartment for her annual roof-deck 4th of July party. Norah snuck in a quick cat nap and we had a great time at the BBQ before the fireworks!!





Saturday, Day 8, we had plans to go to another Nats vs. Cubs game (the Chicago Newtons request!) We picked up my mom from the airport (bringing our grand total of guests to 14!!) and headed to the 4 pm game at the stadium. Chris got everyone great seats behind the third base line, and we had a really fun time. It was pretty hot still, so Norah and my mom and I spent a few innings in the nursing mothers room at the ball park, which is great by the way. Air conditioned, clean, and shows the game live! Norah and I tend to spend a few innings every game there so she can crawl around and I have a clean, comfortable place to nurse her and change her diaper.

After the game, everyone headed to dinner at Agua 301, and we said our goodbyes to the Newtons and Olivers. We embarked on our Kentucky Lake Cumberland house boat trip today bright and early, so we headed home to get a good night’s rest. It was an AWESOME week getting to see everyone, and we had so much fun showing off our city to our families.


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