East Coast Adventure: Day 4

Michael, Norah, Evan and I had a relaxing morning together before we headed out to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Tom and Lori woke up early to get tickets for our group and we wound up with tickets for a 9:30 tour. We metroed into the city together, then Mike headed to work while Evan and Norah and I met everyone for our tour. It was really cool! It was pretty neat to see all of the money being printed. A lot of the machines were being serviced or loaded with new paper, so we didn’t see all that much, but learning about the history of the bureau and hearing about all of the security measures was really interesting.


After our tour, we walked around the Tidal Basin, and hit up all of the monuments along the way, like the Jefferson, the FDR Memorial (my personal fave!), and the MLK Jr. Memorial. We skipped the George Mason Memorial though, because it was HOT!! P.S. The best part of having so many family members around = so many babysitters!



After a picnic lunch around the Tidal Basin, we made it to the Holocaust Museum for an afternoon of observing and viewing the powerful pictures, sights, and accounts of the Holocaust. I’ve been to the museum several times, and also got the chance to visit Auschwitz while in Europe, but each trip is sobering and thought provoking. Mike joined us for the tour and then the three of us headed home for the evening.

Tomorrow everyone is planning on hitting up the National Mall, WWII Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Air Force Memorial, Pentagon Memorial, and then Rachel is taking everyone on a tour of the Pentagon. Another busy day!


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