East Coast Adventure: Days 1, 2 & 3

The Olivers are here!  After months of planning and discussions, the Olivers finally made it to DC on Friday night!  They traveled from Portland, OR for a grand east coast trip, and spent last week in Boston, NYC and Philly.  They arrived at Tom and Rachel’s in DC Friday evening before dinner at Five Guys, and we met up with everyone on Saturday morning.  We headed out to the National Mall and went to the Museum of American History, where we got to see every exhibit in the museum (along with many, many, many other tourists).

Mike and Norah before seeing the original American flag:


Then we headed to the Archives so that the Olivers could see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution before going to District of Pi for dinner. Norah was highly entertained by her cousins Kailin, Maia and Evan 🙂



After dinner, we metroed home while the Hamlyns and Olivers went to the DC United game against Seattle.  (Unfortunately, Seattle won…)


On Sunday, Tom and Rachel hosted the Olivers, Bergers, Ferriells and Wittmans for a big BBQ after a relaxing morning at church and Eastern Market.  It was great to see everyone!  The Bergers and Ferriells came down from Baltimore since the Olivers were in town, and it was so fun to get all of the cousins together!

cousins ferriells


On Sunday night, Maia came back to our apartment with us for a sleep over, and we made a quick pit stop on the way home for some candy and The Lego Movie.  The movie was pretty cute, and we had a fun time hanging out with Maia.

Monday morning, we were at the Capitol bright and early for a tour that Lori had set up with a senator from Oregon.  It was awesome!  I hadn’t been to the Capitol since high school, and it was so cool to get a personal tour for just our group.  And we even got to ride the train that runs from building to building!! Norah was a champ.  We parked her stroller in the senator’s office, then I carried her in the Ergo on the tour.  She ended up falling asleep for the tour, which she hasn’t done in her Ergo in months! I loved every minute of snuggling.

capital colorado girls  train


After the Capitol, we made a quick stop at the Supreme Court before meeting Michael at Firehook Bakery for lunch.


After lunch it was on to the Library of Congress and Air and Space Museum (it was a VERY busy Monday! Norah and I relaxed at Tom and Rachel’s after lunch.)  We ate dinner at Ted’s Bulletin before heading home with Evan for some Wipeout watching and homemade Pop-Tart eating.  Now it’s time for bed so we can see more attractions tomorrow! Whew!  We are so happy to get to spend so much time with the Hamlyns and Olivers this week and it’s pretty fun being a tourist in your own city.   But man, our feet hurt!





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