Zoo Day!

Today Norah and I went to zoo together for the first time!  We decided to brave the Metro since it was a (relatively) cool day.  It was pretty easy! (This from a self-proclaimed Metro hater.  We only had to take, like 18 elevators…)

photo 1

We started by going on Olmstead’s Walk and got to see the zebras and gazelles (the cheetahs were sleeping inside, boo!)

photo 2  photo 3

And then we walked to the Panda Exhibit.  Bao Bao didn’t make an appearance, but we got to see both the male and female pandas sleeping inside the exhibit.

photo 4 photo 5

Norah was pretty excited about the pandas…

photo 7 photo 8

Then we walked along the Asian Trail to see the elephants, otters, red pandas (which are currently not in their habitat) and leopards.  I’ve been to the zoo twice, and each time have been able to see the leopards, dancing bears and pandas, which seems pretty cool to me.  I wasn’t sure any of the animals would be out in the heat, but we saw a bunch!

photo 9

Then we walked to the Bird House and I asked a mom with two kids to take our picture.  While she was snapping away, her little boy (aged 2?) asked, “Mom, why do you want a picture of her?” It was pretty funny.  Also funny-her inability to get a picture of me with Norah.  Below is the best of her pictures:

photo 10

We actually watched the vultures for a long time (gross!) because they were hopping up and down right next to the window for a while. Norah was more interested than I would have liked.  (I mean, she showed zero interest in the flamingoes, but the vultures?? Come on…)

photo 11 photo 12

Although the weather was great and I would have liked to see more of the zoo, we ended up leaving after that.  We made it home just in time for the second half of the USA-Germany game, and I broke our “no-TV” rule and Norah and I watched the game together as we ate our lunches (tuna salad for me, pasta with spinach and sauce for Norah).  Even though USA didn’t win, we get to advance? I’ll take it!

photo 13


Now I’m thoroughly enjoying the 2+hour nap that Norah’s taking since our return from the zoo!  I love summer 🙂



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