Norah’s 10 Months! (and 9 months…and 8 months…)

Officially, Norah is 10.5 months old today…yeesh!  Time flies when you are having fun.  We’ve diligently taken our monthly photos on the 9th of every month, here are some of the pictures from our 10-month photo shoot!

toocool standing

Norah is obviously too cool for wearing her stickers anymore and she was trying to rip them off the entire time.  It was pretty crazy trying to get her to sit still, not touch the sticker, not crawl away….and stickers are apparently still pretty tasty! (Also-that hair! Love.)

caught chew

As you can see in the above pictures, she’s a crawling machine and she’s beginning to pull herself up onto items to practice standing.  She loves to pull herself up onto bookshelves, cabinets, drawers (and toilets…eww, don’t tell anyone, and yes, we put a toilet lock on that sucker about 2.8 seconds after that…)  We’ve had a heck of a time baby-proofing everything and it still feels like every day she gets into something that she shouldn’t.  The other day we walked into her room in the morning and she was standing. up. in. her. crib. #gamechanger.

She is babbling in earnest and trying very hard to communicate with us!  She loves to say “muh muh” during meal times, and I truly think she’s trying to say “more”.  She immediately signs “milk” when she is ready to nurse, and she will occasionally say “dada” or “mama” when she sees Mike or I.  (We, of course, assume she is brilliant and already saying her first words…but we know that she’s still just playing with babbling and it’s probably just a happy coincidence when she says “mama” when I walk into a room.)  She loves to imitate Mike or I and it’s so cute to hear her approximations.  One of our favorites is when she tries to imitate “Annabelle” because it just comes out as “aahh-ooo”, but she points and claps whenever Annabelle walks into a room, which melts our hearts.

Norah is becoming more and more social, and she is beginning to love playing turn-taking games where we’ll roll a ball back and forth or we’ll give each other high fives.  She is constantly showing us whatever is in her hand with a definitive “ba!”, and she is constantly “checking in” with us to see if we are watching her or are around. Her favorite “toys” are still books.  She could pull all of the books off of her bookshelf, turn all the pages, and put them all back on her bookshelf for HOURS. (In fact, that’s what she does most evenings while I make dinner.  I plop her in front of her bookshelf, and she’s still happily sitting by her books 15 minutes later.)   I decided to chronicle our summer trips by making board books with pictures of our times at the zoo or beach because she so obviously loves books, and I thought she would like having some with her picture and pictures of her family members.  Well, total fail.  I made a book all about her Ladybug class at school so that she can read about her friends and teachers all summer, and she LOVED it.  The only problem is that when she put it to her mouth (as she inevitably still puts everything to her mouth) all of the ink from the markers came off onto her lips and fingers.  So right now, we have some soggy board books, and a blue-lipped baby.  And a frustrated mom (you don’t want to know how long it took to mod-podge all of those pictures into that tiny little book….)

In other developments, Norah has a TON of teeth! Her first tooth broke through on Mother’s Day (at 9 months) and it seems a new tooth appears each week!  She has four teeth on the top and two on the bottom (with a third cutting now!)

Here is a picture at nine months: (I love seeing how big she is compared to the bear!)


And here are some from 8-months (crawling and being a busy body was really fun then, too, apparently):

8.1 8.2 8.3

In a couple short days, we’ll be taking her 11-month pictures!  Time sure has flown by…







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