What a week!


It’s finally the weekend! Even though we had ANOTHER snow day on Monday (and Monday was St. Patrick’s Day…eee!) it was a long week around these parts. Mike and I both had a ton of work this week that kept us up most nights and we were pretty much the walking dead around these parts. There was also only four days of work to squeeze in five days worth…but we made it!!

And now it’s Spring Break! Norah and I have next week off and boy are we excited. Mike is taking some time off so we can do a little traveling. But before we get into all of those details, here’s a recap of our week!

First and foremost. Saturday (a week ago) was a rough day. Our champion eater and easy-going baby was hit with the c-word. Constipation. Big time. We won’t go into details, but Mike and I weren’t sure we would live to tell the tale. And to make things worse, Norah appeared to be teething too. I decided to make her some “Popsicles” with avocado and pear for her to gum and chew on and they were a hit.



Yes. She’s wearing a Valentine’s Day t-shirt. You also can’t tell, but due to the aforementioned constipation/pooptastrophe she was rocking a pretty nasty diaper rash so we were diaper-less and pants-less all day. We spent the day placing her on beach towels and praying for the best.

But. Lo and behold we woke up Sunday morning to a brand new baby! She was smiley again and seemed to have worked everything out. No teeth though. Maybe soon!

As mentioned above, Monday was St. Patrick’s Day!!! And a Snow Day!! It was so much fun!


Norah dressed in her finest and I put some corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot after a breakfast of German pancakes. (German pancakes are really an egg dish that my mom made for every sleepover and snow day growing up. Delicious. Especially now that I’m eating dairy again!!)



Mike worked from home and Norah and I didn’t do anything special. We cleaned the house, did some laundry and played with some pasta. ūüôā I colored some pasta for the sensory table at work (I wanted rainbow pasta for St Patrick’s Day play with my kiddos) and since I had it at home I pulled it out.



It was so much fun! Rachel was there and we put some on a pan for Norah to play with. She really liked the bow tie pasta and she tried to put every single piece in her mouth. She especially liked pushing the pasta off of the pan onto the carpet.

Dinner was amazing. I used a new recipe for the corned beef and cabbage this year and it was a winner! Norah loved it. She had some carrots, apple and corned beef. (Still working on an update about her eating these days!!)



The rest of the week was blur of work, working late, and preparing for upcoming travel.  By the time Friday rolled around we were ready to celebrate. I put Norah in pigtails and some jeans and headed to work.  Everyone was smitten with the pigtails, and her Ladybug teachers even posted her picture in the copy room to cheer everyone up.



It made me ridiculously happy to see this picture and I kept making excuses to go to the copy room.  #PigtailFriday !!

We are going on a little trip to Kentucky (more details soon!) and then we’ll be relaxing before returning to work. ¬†And then my mom is coming into town. ¬†Lots to look forward to.

Speaking of things to look forward to, did you hear the news about Tom and Rachel?



Tom and Rachel are having a baby! So so so happy for them. ¬†Mike and I can’t wait for August. ¬†Tom and Rachel are the absolute best uncle and aunt to Norah and we know they will be AMAZING parents to this lucky little one. ¬†



Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 


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