Norah’s Seven Months!


Can you believe it?!?  Norah’s seven months old today!   7mo1


We feel that she has made so many gains in the last two weeks especially.  Every time we turn around she’s showing off a new skill!  Norah has begun to sit on the floor without support for longer periods of time which is so much fun.  She still loves her Bumbo and will sit in that for 10-15 minutes in the kitchen every night while I make dinner and she is able to sit in her highchair more easily too!


The biggest development has been her crawling!  She has always loved tummy time and in the past few weeks been pushing up onto her hands and knees (and sometimes even up into “Downward Dog”!)  In the last couple of days she has really started to get the mechanics of crawling.  She will get on her hands and knees, rock back and forth, and slide her legs forward.  You can then see the gears turning in her mind about moving her arms forward, she slides her hands forward…and then face plant.  She does this about 200 times a day, so we know that any second now she will figure out how to move one arm forward while balancing her body weight on only one hand.  Every so often we see her “army crawl” across the floor to get somewhere, but her preferred mode of communication is scooting backwards.  It doesn’t matter where we put her in our apartment, within 20 seconds she’s backed up under her crib, the kitchen table, the tv stand…

We Googled “Baby Proofing Checklist” this weekend to baby proof the house before she’s really crawling and it was very overwhelming.  Yikes.  Let’s just say that we aren’t too excited by the prospect of a mobile Norah!



A very exciting development has been her babbling and imitating.  She has always been very vocal and chatters and babbles to herself or her toys all day.  But recently, she’s begun to imitate Mike and I in earnest.  We have entire conversations where I will say “dada” and Norah will repeat, and I’ll say “mama” or “bye bye” and she’ll imitate us!  She is so close to blowing raspberries in response to one of us doing it, and it’s so cute.  We will blow a raspberry in her direction and she’ll press her lips together and give a big puff of air-“puh!”  It’s adorable (I know, ask me if it’s adorable in two months when she blows a raspberry while eating spaghetti…but for now it’s precious!)

Norah has also begun to use her hands and arms to “gesture” a bit more.  When Mike or I reach our arms towards her to pick her up, she will occasionally wave her arms or raise them slightly to tell us that she’s excited and wants to be picked up.  We practice waving hello and goodbye to her all day long, and I’m hopeful that we’ll see her begin to imitate that gesture soon as well!  I’ve used a handful of signs with her since she was born (the ASL signs for more, milk, again, diaper change, food, which?, mommy, daddy, and doggy) and she is always gets so excited if we’re playing a game and I sign if she wants “more”, etc.  I can’t wait for her to sign back!  We do a lot of hand-over-hand signing where I will manipulate her hands for her and she giggles, but no independent signing yet!  Her Ladybug teachers sign or gesture to her all day long and have told me many times that she is enthralled by people’s hands when they sign.

We started solid foods with Norah when she was six-months old and we’ve come a long way with our eating in the last month!  Norah has tried a lot of food over the past month, and it’s safe to say that her favorite foods are avocado, hummus, banana and Mum Mums.  She is also a big fan of garlic seasonings in foods!  She has definitely not liked any sour foods we’ve given her like raspberries or lemon sorbet, but she has tried everything willingly!  We’ll write a blog post soon with a more detailed update with how solids are going.

Here are some throwback pictures from when she was one month old compared to today!  Look how tiny she was compared to the bear!

1mo2  7molast 1mo1 happyfeet

Although, she’s still pretty unsteady while sitting…thank goodness Annabelle was there to catch her!  We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for her this month 🙂




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