March Snowstorm

On Monday we had another snow day here in Arlington.  While snow in March is commonplace in Colorado, I don’t remember it snowing this late in the DC area since we moved here eight years ago, so it was a nice treat to wake up to snow on Monday morning.


School was cancelled for Norah and I, and Mike worked from home, so we all bundled up and headed outside during Mike’s lunch break.


2 3 5 notafan

Norah was very unhappy to be outside during our last snowstorm, but she seemed a little more excited about the snow this time.  Annabelle was definitely a fan! (Just not so much about the drying-off part afterwards…)


The rest of the week seemed to crawl by, even with a two-hour school delay on Tuesday and a shortened work week.  We had fun celebrating Fat Tuesday with gumbo and king cake and Norah got her first ashes on Ash Wednesday.  (And check out who’s sitting on her own all of a sudden!!!)




In other exciting news, we’ve retired the use of a swing and baby chair to make room for another monstrous baby item…the exersaucer!!  We picked up the exersaucer on Thursday afternoon and Norah is VERY enamored with it.  And it may not seem like a big deal to anyone else that it appears that she’s “standing” in it, but Mike and I are quite impressed with how strong she is!!

IMG_2577 IMG_2579

Sunday marks seven months…we can’t believe how time flies!




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