Ice Painting and Ice Skating

Hello everyone!

We are having a fantastic week over here and a lot of fun things are happening.  Last Sunday, we decided to try one of the activities in the Zero to Two Book of Play ebook that I recently downloaded.

Zero to Two

It is a great book that I discovered from a parenting blog (, and I’ve really enjoyed going through it.  All of the activities are organized by developmental age, such as “Lying Down”, “Sitting”, “Crawling” and “Toddling”.  Because Norah is this close to crawling and sitting on her own, I’ve been perusing the activities for “Lying Down” and “Sitting” and felt that last Sunday was the perfect time to try painting with ice!

On Saturday night Mike and I prepared cups of water with three colors: pink, purple and blue.  We were a little leery about Norah putting anything to her mouth that was the size of a traditional ice cube from a choking standpoint, so we decided to use Mike’s large ice cube molds that he uses for bourbon on the rocks. Man, have times changed!  I was also leery about her ingesting too much food coloring, so we only added two drops of coloring to a cup of water.  Once the color had dissolved into the water, we poured the water into the molds so that we had two cubes of each color and popped the mold into the freezer. Sunday afternoon we prepped Norah by putting down a drop cloth and towel, then taking the ice cubes out of the freezer.  We placed some paper onto the towel and then invited Norah to play with the colored ice cubes on the paper.  She did not seem too interested in the ice cubes at first, but once they started to melt she really went to town!! She appeared to love moving the ice cubes around on the paper to see the colors that appeared on the paper.

Image Image

Once she was done “painting” she LOVED sucking on the ice cubes, so I was really glad that we only added a couple of drops of food coloring!  We probably spent 5 minutes painting, and 10 minutes mouthing the ice cubes, so all in all, it was a successful activity.  I’ve mentioned before that I want to engage in a lot of sensory play with Norah, and I think this was a good start!

Another activity that we have loved from the ebook was the Stroller Cards activity.   We printed the attached stroller cards that were labeled “M is for Mommy” and “A is for Auntie” etc. and then pasted the corresponding pictures onto the cards.  We attached the cards with links to Norah’s stroller so that she can look at her family member’s faces and she seems to love them!

This Saturday was another fun day for Mike and I.  Rachel and Tom told us about a great deal on TravelZoo for ice skating at Canal Park near their house.  As you know, Mike is great at ice skating (he played hockey throughout high school and college) and I am not.  In general, I am horrible at things that require coordination, and I am particularly bad at things that require me hurtling my body at fast speeds on hard icy surfaces while balancing on razor thin blades.  Lucky for me, Mike is incredibly patient, and he is always willing to support me hold me up on the ice once a year so that we can go on a romantic ice skating date.

We dropped Norah and Annabelle off with Tom and Rachel after enjoying a delicious burrito lunch with them (note: you’ve found some great babysitters if they accept Chipotle as a form of payment).  We had a great afternoon skating and enjoying some beers afterwards at Gordon Biersch. It looks like Norah and Annabelle had a low key afternoon as well!

Image Image

We are off to enjoy some rental Oscar nominated movies for a low-keySaturday in.  I’m going on another training run tomorrow then Mike and I will hang out with Van and Lynn before another snow storm.  Fingers crossed for one more snow day on Monday!!!


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