You guys, big things happened in our house this week.  We celebrated Annabelle’s Third Adoptiversary!! That’s right, three years ago on February 18, 2011 our sweet little Annabelle entered our lives.  Here’s a picture of her from her first day at home:



It was the Friday before President’s Day weekend and I was home from work.  I was nervous all morning!  I desperately wanted Annabelle to adapt well to her new place and learn to trust and love Michael and I.  We adopted Annabelle from the best rescue in the land, Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel rescue, and Annabelle’s “handler” was dropping her off mid-morning.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I don’t think that any story about her adoption is complete without a little history.  Mike and I had said for years that we wanted to adopt a dog, and I was positive that I wanted a spaniel because I had grown up with them all of my life.  Our friends volunteered with OBG and told us about their organization in the fall of 2010.  Right away, Mike and I fell in love with their mission and knew that we wanted to help an older dog find a new home.  So I began perusing the “Adopt Me” page of OBG’s website and we made an agreement that once our lease was up in May 2011 we would be sure to rent an apartment that allowed dogs so that we could adopt a pup in the summer of 2011. 

So.  Monday February 14th rolls around and I look at the Adopt Me page.  Annabelle’s profile popped up and I immediately fell in love.  As one can see, she’s part long-haired Daschund, part spaniel.  And she wasn’t even that old when she was given to OBG (only three).  Her previous owners owned a couple of cockers and Annabelle, and when they surrendered their cockers to OBG, OBG felt that they couldn’t turn Annabelle away.  Lucky us!  I took one look at Annabelle’s sweet face and crossed my fingers.  I hoped she would still be available in the summer time! The next morning, on Tuesday, our apartment building sent an email stating that they would be allowing dogs in our building…the timing was insane.  Mike sent me a quick text saying, “Awesome news, let’s talk about this tonight.”  Little did he know I had already emailed Annabelle’s foster mom and set up an appointment to meet her (that evening).  Mike walked in from work Tuesday night and I greeted him by saying, “Don’t hang up your coat…we’re leaving.  We have to meet our new dog!” 

You can imagine the look I received from Mike.  

But Mike is the most amazing husband ever and he didn’t divorce me on the spot.  🙂 He listened to my pleading and looked at Annabelle’s picture and told me that we could “Go look” at her….but firmly told me that we were walking away if anything seemed funny.  Well, we walked through the door and knew right away that neither of us would be walking away from Annabelle.  She jumped right up into our laps and trotted around the house showing off her tricks.  We could tell that she had a sweet, sweet personality and we were hooked.  Here’s a picture from that night.  Our first family pic!



On Wednesday we submitted an application to our apartment to add Annabelle to our lease (and received more than a couple comments about how we were the first renters to apply!) and on Thursday we went to Pets Mart to get all of the provisions we thought Annabelle would need.  And she arrived on Friday!!  She kept to herself that first day, but quickly came to trust Mike and I.  We burned a lot of bridges though…the very first night when we were walking her around the block, sand from the street blew into her eye and scratched her cornea.  We notice around 10 or 11 pm that her eye is watering a ton and very red. So, less than 24 hours after receiving her we were at the emergency vet getting VERY EXPENSIVE eyedrops to put in her eye to heal the scratch and prevent an infection.  

You can imagine the look I received from Mike.  

Putting the eyedrops in every night proved to be more painful for us than Annabelle (you try wrestling a daschund to lay still enough so that you can pry their eye open long enough to put 2-3 drops in it 3 times a day for a week) but we persevered.  So much has happened in the last three years, and we can’t imagine life without our little Annabelle!  We celebrated February 18th with a little dog cake (made with peanut butter, applesauce and carrots, frosted with peanut butter!)



She definitely rules the roost and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  She’s also the best big sister we could ask for for Norah.  Happy Adoptiversary Annabelle!!

Image Image


We had a pretty busy week along with Annabelle’s adoptiversary on Tuesday.  We had some pretty special visitors as well.  Nana and Papa were in town!!

Image Image


Gerard and Carolyn arrived on Saturday and stayed for almost a week!  Gerard was in town on business and Carolyn came to help babysit Norah and spend time with us and Tom and Rachel.  It was a great week catching up with them and Norah had so much fun with her grandparents!  Mike and I even got to go on a date with Shane and Amanda on Wednesday night out to the (semi) new brewery Bluejacket in DC.  I know…going out, on a week night, with another couple, in DC???? Crazy town.  On our way to the restaurant we were talking about the last time we had done that…and it was in July. We had so much fun!!!  Thanks Nana and Papa!

While the Wittmans were in town we also got to spend time with Mike’s aunt and uncle in Baltimore and family friends, the Aufderhaars, in Fairfax.  And of course it was a great excuse to see Tom and Rachel 🙂  

Besides a lot of family time, nothing much new to report here.  Norah is getting increasingly good at rolling over, and is this close to crawling.  She pushes up onto her hands and knees.  Sits there for a few seconds, begins to move forward…and then face plant.  One of these days she’s going to figure it out and then watch out world!  She’s also eating solids now (which is code for our dinners have become super crazy) and she makes a HUGE mess while eating.  Annabelle has finally started to appreciate Norah’s existence and she parks herself right next to Norah’s chair every night about 10 minutes before dinner starts.  It’s pretty awesome.


I got in a good training run for my upcoming half marathon (finally!) and now the four of us are off to enjoy the lovely weather we’re having!  Have a great Sunday everybody!!  Stay tuned, there’s a big update coming up tonight about Libby, our beloved 2004 Jeep Liberty. 


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