Snow Day!

Nothing makes this Colorado girl more excited than lots and lots of snow.  And when that snow coincides with a day off from school and work, I’m like a kid in a candy store!  



The media and weathermen had been predicting a big storm all week, so Mike and I were not surprised at all when we got the news last night that the federal government and The River School would be closed for today.  We celebrated the good news by pouring another glass of wine and watching the entire evening’s Olympic coverage.  It was so exciting!!  We were both hoping for a LOT of snow to come down.  

We were greeted by 9 inches of snow outside of our patio this morning:



Yippee!! You may remember that every time there’s a big snowstorm, the news outlets give the storm a cute little moniker.  (Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon, anyone?!?) I read on DCist this morning that this storm was named “Snochi” because it coincided with the Sochi Olympics.  Ehh…I feel like the name could’ve been better.  Also, if you are someone who knows me at all…you know how much I LOVE the Olympics.  I was so pumped to wake up and have the opportunity to watch NBC coverage all day, until I turned on the TV and the three sports being covered were men’s curling (Sweden vs. Norway), men’s figure skating, and women’s preliminary hockey (Canada vs. Russia).  Yawn.  I persevered however, and was rewarded with some pretty awesome biathlon and luge coverage this afternoon.  But, I digress…

Mike had to work from home today (boo!) but Norah, Annabelle and I got bundled up to go outside and play.  We lasted about 4.2 seconds.  After the snow stopped falling this morning, the precipitation turned into a rain/snow/sleet mess which I didn’t realize until we stepped outside.  So, the sleet began to hit Norah’s face and she became the unhappiest of unhappy campers.  I took one obligatory picture and we headed back inside.  Our brief outing was enough to tucker both girls out though.

Image Image


I was determined to enjoy the snow with Norah, so my inner-preschool-teacher reared it’s ugly head and I decided to make a “sensory bin” of sorts for Norah to play in.  I gathered a bunch of snow on a baking sheet and put some of Norah’s toys in it.  During tummy time this morning, I put Norah on her mat next to the sheet of snow.  She enjoyed poking her hand in the snow for a few minutes, and really loved chewing her blocks once they were nice and cold.  I’d say our first snow play was a success!  Next winter we’ll be able to really partake in the winter fun!

Image Image


I am really hoping to do more sensory play with Norah soon (and am finding our weekends increasingly busy!) so snow days like these are a treat to get to really play with Norah.  I read a lot of parenting/educational blogs for my job, and I was really excited when I saw this eBook on sale today through the blog (Yes, the blog’s name is  Gross.  Again, I digress…)



I’m hoping that tomorrow Norah and I will get to thumb through the eBook more (can one thumb through an eBook?) and find some fun activities.  The River School always has the Friday before President’s Day off, so we’ll be home tomorrow as well.  Yay for five day weekends!  I’m also planning to make some of the chocolate-covered cherry cookies that were featured on the fANNEtasticfood blog the other day.  Norah’s pediatrician said that I could begin to reintroduce dairy that has been baked into my diet now that she is 6 months old (I’ve been avoiding dairy for the last few months because we think that Norah has a dairy intolerance) so bring on the baked goods!!


This afternoon, I made a pot roast and even got a run in on the treadmill in our building’s gym while Norah was napping.   Then Norah and I had a little playdate with our neighbors Kara and baby Sophie.  The girls had a blast! 



Now we’re off!  We’re bringing our pot roast to a pot luck that another neighbor has organized in the party room of our building.  Our evening will also include watching the Season 1 finale of House of Cards before the second season comes out tomorrow on Netflix! SO EXCITED!!  

We hope you all are having a wonderful snow day!!


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