Norah’s Baptism 2.2.14

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Norah’s baptism a couple of weeks ago.  It was a weekend filled with family, friends, and our little one.  What could be better?


The ceremony was held at St. James Catholic Church in Falls Church and Deacon Jim presided.  There was a wonderful Mass right before Norah’s baptism celebrating the presentation of Jesus to the church, and it felt so fitting to have Norah “presented” to the church on the same day!  

Michael and I were honored when Tom and Rachel accepted our request to be Norah’s godparents.  The four of us stood with Norah on the altar next to the baptismal font for the ceremony.  Norah looked so precious in her gown!  The gown is a Wittman family heirloom-all of the Wittman grandchildren have worn the gown for their baptisms.  Norah also wore a sash made for her by my mom and it was blessed by the priest from my parent’s church before they left from Colorado.  Tons of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers attended the ceremony and we felt so blessed when we looked out and saw everyone who made it to the church.  The deacons even made a point to say that Norah’s ceremony had one of the largest attendances they’d ever seen!  Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

Image Image

Image ImageImageImage


Norah was a trooper during the entire ceremony…except for when she was anointed with oil on her chest.  She did not like it one bit.



All four grandparents made the trip to VA for the baptism, so we made sure to take pictures with everyone after the ceremony.

Image Image


Image Image


After the ceremony, we had a big party at our apartment.  It was so fun to hang out with relatives and friends who had traveled from all over (Colorado, Arizona, Baltimore, Charlottesville…the list goes on!) to be with our family.  We had a full house and again, we felt so blessed!  It’s pretty apparent that Norah has an amazing support system.  

Image Image


Image Image 

Image Image


At the end of a fun-filled day, Norah was partied-out and exhausted. 



Thank you to everyone who made Norah’s baptism weekend so special! It meant the world to us to have so many of you travel from near and far to be there.  Norah is one lucky girl!!  


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