Tom’s MAJOR Promotion

Do you see what I did there?  Tom had a promotion this week, and it was a pretty big deal…he was promoted to the rank of Major in the Air Force…get it?  Tom’s MAJOR promotion?!?


This past Tuesday, we were lucky enough to get to attend Tom’s promotion ceremony.  He was promoted from a Captain in the Air Force to a Major. The ceremony was supposed to be outside at the Air Force Memorial in Virginia, but because we had blustery cold weather here on Tuesday the ceremony was moved inside to Sine Irish Pub in Pentagon City.

While we waited for everyone to arrive, everyone mingled and introduced themselves.  A lot of people came for the ceremony, which was awesome!

Here are some of Tom’s cousins from Purcellville, VA.


Wittman Cousins!!  Mike, Rachel, and Brad.


Some of Tom’s new co-workers from his new post, and his old boss from Ramstein, Colonel Monson, who gave a great speech during the promotion.


Tom’s uncle, aunt, and dad all made it out for the ceremony as well.


And, some ROTC friends from Tom and Rachel’s ROTC days at CU-Boulder.  (Did you know that Tom and Rachel met in the ROTC program at CU when they were in college?!?  Aww!!)



Once the ceremony began, Col. Monson gave a great speech about how he knew Tom and gave everyone an overview of Tom’s career in the Air Force. It was so neat to hear all about each of Tom’s assignments and deployments, from his first assignment in Knobnoster, MO to his current role here in the DC area, touching on highlights from his posts in Korea, Florida, Germany and tours in Africa.  Col.  Monson did a fantastic job!  Then, Tom was “pinned” on by his dad, a retired Lt. Col. in the Air Force, and Rachel, his wife (a Captain in the Air Force!)  This was my favorite part of the ceremony.


After the ceremony, Tom’s dad also gave a heartfelt speech that touched on highlights from Tom’s life, ROTC years and advice for the future.


Once the ceremony was over, everyone stayed to congratulate Tom and to celebrate!  We had a great time meeting some of Tom and Rachel’s friends and co-workers and enjoying delicious food and drinks provided by Sine.  It was an awesome day.  We love that we live so close to Tom and Rachel and can be a part of events like this!


Congratulations Tom!!!!


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