New Beginnings

Norah has some exciting news…



She started school last week!  Now that I am back to work, Norah and I head to school together every morning.  We are so lucky that there is daycare available at my school.  It has been really hard to go back to work after my maternity leave, but it is so much easier for me knowing that she is right down the hall.  I can see her whenever I want during the day to peek in and nurse her, and her sweet teachers let me snuggle whenever I need a little pick-me-up.  Here is our first day back! 

Image Image

And yes, I realize that I am wearing pajamas.  My first day back coincided with Pajama Day at school (which was fantastic timing on my part).  I am also wearing a Moby wrap.  In the mornings, I answer emails and get organized while I wear Norah around the school, and I drop her off at daycare once it opens. 

The staff daycare classroom is called the Ladybug room (all of the classrooms are animal names at my school) and each classroom’s instruction is taught through thematic curriculum.  The current theme in the Ladybug class is transportation…how cute is this?

Image Image


Norah loves her teachers and has been having a lot of fun getting to know her new baby friends.  She has transitioned really well to the routine of the school day and is happy all day!  Check out tummy time!



Tomorrow marks one week since I’ve returned to work…time flies!!  Things are going well in the Alligator Class, where I’ll be spending 12 weeks covering the maternity leave of a fellow SLP at the school.  


Tomorrow is Friday, yippee!! We can’t wait for the weekend around here!! Oma is coming to visit from Colorado, and I am ready to relax after a long week at work!  Enjoy your Thursday nights!



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