Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween last week!  Norah loved her first holiday that centered around candy.



After a morning walk, we went to Georgetown University for Norah’s three-month ultrasound.  Because she was breech, there was some concern that she would have hip dysplasia.  Her one- and two-month ultrasounds were inconclusive, so we had a follow-up appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Thursday when she was 12 weeks old.  Her US looked fantastic, and we got a clean bill of health from the radiologist and surgeon!! Yippee!!

After our morning appointments, we went to our last breastfeeding support group at Virginia Hospital Center.  All of the babies dressed up for Halloween, and we took a sweet picture of everyone at the end.  Look at that corn on the cob on the end!!



Norah and I had lunch with some friends at our place afterwards.  It was a great way to celebrate our last day of maternity leave!  Check out Tigger!



Norah was a ballerina for her first Halloween.  We dressed up and drove to Chris and Linds’ place to help them pass out candy to their Trick or Treaters.  Chris made a delicious chili and Linds passed out full-size candy bars to all of the lucky kids in their neighborhood.  We had a fun-filled evening!!

Image  Image

Annabelle got to meet Chris and Linds’ dog, Gobi.  They became fast friends, especially since Gobi let Annabelle sleep in his bed….



We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!! Can you believe it is already November?!?!



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