Norah’s Two Months!

October 9th was a big day in our house!  At two months old, Norah has been showing us more and more of her personality every day.  I love it when she smiles, and she absolutely lights up when she hears Mike or sees him walk into a room.  Another favorite time of day is when she lies on her play mat and coos and “chatters” to her toys.  I would love to know what she’s saying, and she makes some of the best facial expressions!  Here are some pics from her two-month photo shoot…better late than never! (Also, please note that in the fourth picture, Norah is happily kicking a black ball of fur…Annabelle is becoming one of Norah’s best friends and she follows her throughout the house.  Annabelle was lying next to Norah, and was not at all disturbed by the kicks.  Best doggy ever!)

Image Image

Image Image

And, just for fun, we wanted to show everyone how much she’s grown! When she was 1-week old, we took a picture of her in a newborn outfit that was HUGE on her.  She was able to finally fit into the same outfit seven weeks later, when she was 8-weeks old.  Look at the difference!!  At her two month doctor’s visit, she was 9 lb 7 oz, and 23 inches long.  That’s an increase of almost four pounds, and a growth of 4 inches from birth!!  Can you believe it?

Image Image

We hope everyone has a wonderful week…we’ll be posting updates about our Columbus Day weekend soon!!! Love ya!


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