Aunt Lori’s Visit


It’s been quite some time since our last blog post…but a lot has happened!! We were lucky enough to have Mike’s sister, Lori, visit us during the last week of September.  She traveled all the way from Portland, OR to help and stay with me while Mike was out of town for a bachelor party.  It was a fun-filled week and love at first site!!Image

Norah got to participate in her first race on Saturday, September 28th, the Clarendon Day 5K! Lori, Rachel, and I walked the course with Norah in her stroller and Tom ran the 5K. It was a chilly start but ended up being a gorgeous fall day.  We had a lot of fun on the course and at the after-race festivities for Clarendon Day.  


The rest of the weekend was spent watching football and enjoying Eastern Market.  We had a ball walking around the market after brunch at Ted’s Bulletin on Sunday morning.  Norah is so lucky to have such great aunts!!

Image Image


The week was capped off by a shopping trip, and Norah loved her first time to Nordstrom’s! 



Lori also helped us transition Norah from her bassinet to her big-girl crib in her nursery!  Norah began sleeping for longer stretches (around 5-6 hours!!) during Lori’s visit, and we were all smiles about that!  

More fall updates to come!  



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