Norah’s First Game Watch!

Big things are happening around the Wittman household this weekend.  Norah is hosting her first Irish game watch!  We are excited to see all of our friends, and Norah can’t wait to show off her ND wear.  We’re making chicken chili and are going to serve it with Lindsay’s famous beer cheese dip and Amanda’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  We love football Saturdays!



Now that Norah is six weeks old, we are getting out of the house a lot more.  Last weekend we went to a apple cider festival in Bluemont, VA with Uncle Tom and Aunt Rachel and had a great time.  The best part was watching Annabelle try to navigate the corn maze (it was not her forte!)



Amanda is settling into a routine with Norah during the day, and has been loving her daily walks with her girls.  Her six-week check-up with her doctor is Monday, and she’s hoping she gets the green light to begin running again!  



Bath time and tummy time are two favorite times of day around our house these days.  Mike gets to give Norah a bath in the evenings after work and we try to do tummy time a little bit after every feeding.  Annabelle is always around to help.

Image     ImageImage


Annabelle also loves watching over Norah from her post under the crib.



We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Go Irish!!

We can’t wait for Mike’s sister, Lori, to visit all the way from Portland, OR.  We are so lucky to have her come help for a whole week!



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